Aegis M Early Access Trailer [29/04/2018] An early access trailer for Aegis M

I was approached by Simon, the developer behind the game Aegis M, to help create a trailer during the month of the Insomnia 62 gaming convention. He was an exhibitor at the show, and to drum up some more excitement about the game we were going to create the first trailer for the game. It was to act as a one stop show for the new audience the game will receive. Anyone wondering about the game, and any initial website or social traffic will get first eyes on the trailer. Because of this, the trailer was actually built much like a launch trailer. We're showing off a bunch of the key features of the game that people can get excited about. The fact that it's a tower defense strategy game with shooter elements makes it pretty exciting for fans of the genre and we wanted to show off those aspects of the game, where throughout development, those are the ones that will carry through the most to the launch date.

Simon create a custom camera mode specifically for the trailer. Due to the WIPE II and keeping the focus visually on how the game will feel being played, we opted to use the majority of the footage from multilayer scenarios, where I had control of the recording and a few fans including Simon were in-game playing. The setup worked fantastically, and it really allowed me to get so much great footage of the players interacting with the environment and using the features they had.

The edit needed a voice over as well, so we contacted Yenni Ann from Casting Call Club, and we created short, sweet lines that create a sense of building urgency that players will feel when playing the game. She had an excellent delivery which helped build more of a story for the game, and start getting people hyped about where it's going. The main goal for the trailer was to act as a teaser for what the game is about at its core elements and where people can go to find out more during the development process.


Voice Over: Yenni Ann from Casting Call Club

Aegis M Twitter: Aegis M on Twitter

Soundtrack: via

You can also find out more about the game here on the official game website Aegis M.

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