Andrew Bayer - In My Next Life / In My Last Life Promo Videos [2018-2019]
Promotional dance music videos for Anjunabeats
Role: Editing, Video Production, Animation, Motion Graphics
Tags: Music, Album, Trailer, Promo, Video, EDM, Dance, Andrew Bayer, Anjunabeats


Use the unique visuals from the album packshot and single music videos to create a distinct set of assets for both the In My Last Life and In My Next Life music albums.


Keeping the visual very vogue-esq, high class and using minimal elements for the original album. Finding a more futuristic visual that closer represents one of the other sides of Andrew Bayer's musical style; the second album is almost like a remix of the original. We chose a hyper futuristic holographic edit that feels much more energetic. The album references human life and future lifeforms through its influences.


Finding a way to move between the two albums is a key way to blend the original tracks and the club / extended mixes was part of what went into the original styling of the video. This gave us room to experiment with what it would be like having visuals we used in the initial album again in the second version, giving us a lot re-usable assets and finding unique ways to develop them into something entirely new.

You can find the website for Andrew Bayer's albums at In My Last Life, and In My Next Life. You can also follow Anjunabeats.

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