Faraway 2 A trailer for Pine Studio

The trailer for Faraway 2 had to be somewhat story driven, with a continuation on from the first game. The story from the game is very mysterious. We didn't want to give too much away with the trailer, or show off too many of the puzzles. Playing through the game, you get a sense of interest and involvement to what's going on in the world through game play and puzzles. You're drawn further into the game, with more secrets to uncover and more places to explore. It's such a simple concept executed so well. The trailer was looking to portray that. We initially considered placing titles in the scene (which you can see as part of some of the GIFs I created afterwards). The decision was made to remove them, but this introduced a new challenge. We had to give the game a sense of character and story development without a single word said. To achieve this, we used subtle audio sound effects and an increasing sense of curiosity in the gameplay footage as the trailer progressed with harder puzzles and more thought out, urgent movement throughout the edit. We wanted to capture the spirit of the game, a very laid back, enjoyable and calming experience, but you were also constantly drawn into the next level, figuring out what lies beyond each portal.

Keeping it simple and game play focused was the key here. I realised the developers had done an incredible job creating mystery and suspense for the player just through progressing through the game. To capture that was the goal, and to portray it in the trailer was how we looked to entice people into the world of Faraway, and how the new game looked to continue on from where the last finished.

Breaking the trailer down into sections allowed us to identify where the key moments in the game play footage gave the viewer story cues. We introduce the audience into the world with some key cinematic shots of the world, as seen in the game. Further, we develop their curiosity as we show how the puzzles interact with the environment, allowing you to see more of the game's mystery. There's a huge amount of variety in puzzles and each new level would take on its own set of unique challenges.

Targeting an audience for puzzle gamers was about understanding the features they look for in a game. You get a sense of accomplishment and fascination seeing how you interact with the world. Constantly being driven by what is beyond each level, and understanding how each bit pieces together to form the whole design. It makes a lot of sense to focus the story on game play, and immerse the viewer in the world they will be experiencing.


Website: pinestudio.co

Soundtrack: Be Still The Earth - 'Embark' on Art List

You can also pick the game up here on the App Store or Google Play.

None of these titles were used in the trailer. It's important to consider falling back from original storyboard ideas if they no longer felt like they fit the game.

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