The last shot of the night, lonely stars shine bright above a power line surrounded by evening mist.

Fenland Mist Exploring familiar land under a viel of mist

Something i like to explore and take advantage of is how the different seasons and environment changes my regular shooting spots. I shoot mostly local, and the Cambridgeshire countryside lacks a lot of variety; even at miles apart. Finding good spots for different times of year is key for keeping up with new pictures and practicing my craft while also making sure i'm making the most of any situation.

I found when returning to a regular spot of mine one night to shoot the sunset that a layer of mist had just started forming at the bottom of the shallow hill. It was incredibly lucky to be there at the time of forming. I shot entirely throughout the evening, until dark. It was incredible to show the transformation of the land, and how the unique aspects of the area provided a fantastic way of presenting the mist, such as the towering power lines. You could only see a few feet in front of you just at the bottom of the hill, while at the top you had a great view which showed the density of the fog. I used my regular spots and positions to explore how the layer of mist interacted with the power lines and trees. The power lines were absolutely perfect for giving a sense of depth to the mist.

I have to say, shooting in uncommon weather and atmosphere occurrences has to be my favourite. I'd much rather explore under unique lighting conditions than perfect lighting conditions.

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