Gravity Galaxy A mobile game launch trailer for PixelByte

I was contacted by Nathan who was interested in working with me on a launch trailer for their brilliantly simple indie puzzle game, Gravity Galaxy. I really wanted to capture the games unique approach to mechanics and gameplay. You launch your shuttle and use the sphere of influence from certain interstellar objects to navigate the levels.

We agreed on using a short animated section at the beginning of the trailer which would highlight the premise of the game in a visually interesting way. It's a great way to showcase the different features and game elements while also having something which is not strictly gameplay.

After the animation sequence, we used a several chosen gameplay clips to show more of the different levels and gameplay mechanics. It's a fairly simple concept, and we wanted to keep the graphics, titles and sequence fairly basic to not overload the viewer. The game speaks for itself, and it's very fun to play.

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