A Deer in the Holme Fen woodland in the English countryside on a frosty morning in winter.

Holme Fen In The Winter An early morning photo session

I've often found that i shoot the majority of my pictures at sunset and during the evening. I decided after planning to shoot a winter themed photo set that i'd visit Holme Fen with my camera on a frosty winter's morning. The evening light is a completely different world to the morning light, and i was very fortunate to have an almost perfect morning sunrise and low lying mist to coat the trees in an ethereal layer of frost and ice. It was otherworldly, and the wildlife didn't seem to mind appearing either.

It absolutely was one of those rare moments in photography where time stood still, while i was out there alone shooting in the wilderness and wishing nothing more than to have just one more picture before heading back home and the sun melting the frost away. The best of the light had gone, and the frost had all melted away all within an hour.

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