Human Fall Flat A launch trailer for Curve Digital

I remember hearing about Human Fall Flat a few months before i ended up working on the launch trailer for Curve. It is definitely one of those memorable games which certainly has its own recognisable style and approach to games. When Nick contacted me about making the trailer, there was already a lot of discussions had in terms of what was to be shown on the launch trailer. After going through our plans, i began to look through the footage and the style was very simple and memorable. There's a fine line between the humour and the serious puzzle / exploration in this game, we wanted to capture both aspects. Every time you progress in this game, you feel like you did it one way when there was many more other ways, and you often wondered if you had somehow cheated or luckily managed it and that's quite unique to have to explain in the video! The level of freedom and fun to be had in this game is very reminiscent of a sandbox, however the game has some clear end goals throughout the levels.

I really enjoy working with trailers where there's a story from beginning to end and a clear indication of what the game has to show. The voice over carries us through the world of Human Fall Flat while we see the different puzzle elements and gameplay features. We balanced the humour of the narrator with the clumsy character and the free-roaming puzzle and sandbox style gameplay to create a simple but effective trailer .

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