A panoramic view of a lake in the Lake District.

Lake District 2014 Exploring the mountains, the lakes and the sights of the Lake District

I was fairly new to photography when i first set out to the Lake District in 2014. There wasn't much planned throughout the weekend so the majority of the trip was fairly adventurous. We just looked at the map and decided to head out at anything which looked interesting. I did a write up of the time we visited Scafell Pike, but the majority of the adventure was spent driving around and stopping at the different lakes and noteworthy locations. At the end of the last day, we headed out and watched the sun set at Whitehaven beach. It was a stunning view to see the ocean again, it was something i've not seen in some time, so the entire trip felt nostalgic. I'd love to visit again now that I have more experience in photography and camping.

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