Obliterator A trailer for Tackorama

The brief for Obliterator was to create an engaging trailer that Tackorama could use to promote the game and further push their unique brand of game development out. We started off collecting reference, and constructing themes to base the trailer on. We aimed to capture a balance between the subtle humour that Phil (Tackorama) likes to run throughout his games, and the dramatic, future space movie theme that is quite reminiscent of the classic sci-fi movies. The trailer grows in intensity as the soundtrack builds throughout. The game has a ton of content, and running with the limitless size of space theme, we had faster cuts and more varied shots as the trailer progressed, showing off just how much you can do throughout the game, and all of the different modes and missions available. The titles themselves were kept simple and to the point. We avoided a UI type HUD title screen, since it felt a little off due to the simplicity of the game. As for styling and visuals, it was one of my more enjoyable projects to work on, and Phil from Tackorama was great to work with. I loved exploring the juxtaposition of simple visuals and cuts mixed with immense space travel and massive level systems that the game has.

The soundtrack was also probably one of my favourites yet for any of the trailers I have worked on. The track is called 'The Destiny' and it's by 'Maxime Herve', who you can find on Art List, a music licensing website that I use for sourcing most of the soundtrack I use on the trailers I produce. Investing in good music for the trailers I work on has been one of the best choices I have made. Audio is such an integral and important part of any promotional video. The soundtrack really does the game and the trailer justice, and sells the game in the perfect light that we were looking for.

If you would like to work with me on your own game trailer, please contact me at info@hiadammarshall.com

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