A commanding, atmospheric view of the Lake District from Scafell Pike's boulder field.

Scafell Pike A series of black and white and colour pictures taken while hiking up the mountain of Scafell Pike of the Lake District

After hearing about how magical the Lake District was, and being a fan of the mountains and hills that i had grown up with before i moved down to Cambridgeshire, i had been aching to get some friends together and visit the Lake District one year. I ended up making the trip up there to camp for an extended weekend, with one of the days being planned as a slow hike up the mountain of Scafell Pike. I was still very much new to photography and to camping and mountain hiking at that point as well, so everything about this experience was fresh and exciting.

We had near perfect weather the entire weekend. On the day of climbing, we experienced near record breaking heat and sunshine for that part of the year. It was stunning, especially for a first climb. After getting some supplies, we headed up what is essentially a very tame climb. It was nice and easy going for us the entire way, while i stopped to take pictures. It wasn't hard to find something worth shooting up there. Everywhere i looked i could see something new and exciting to shoot. By the time we had reached the top, half the day had already passed and i had taken well over a hundred pictures. It was a surreal experience which i'll never forget. The mist passed us and the weather steadily got worse as we climbed slowly. No more sunshine, it was like a different planet. To be up there on your own without a coat or much supplies (a huge mistake on our part since we assumed we'd be up and down in the recommended hours; the stopping to take pictures and waiting on others was not part of our schedule) felt so humbling and raw. It's a very easy climb, it's more like an easy walk until you hit the boulder field and the final rocky climb to the top.

It had already started raining by the time we needed to reach the summit. Half the plan was to head back but we were minutes away from the top and it was absolutely worth it in the end. I took a few pictures, chatted to some of the other people up there until it was just me on my own, highest person in England. Eventually it was time to head back. With the rain getting worse and the day coming to an end, the plan was to just walk the whole way back without stopping to take in the views or explore.

I've always wanted to go back. Having taken the slow route, i'd love to go back just to go on my own to explore at my own pace and take the necessary equipment to be able to enjoy it without worrying about anyone or anything else. I know one day i'll go back and this time i've got some incredible ideas for new pictures and views that i let pass me by on my way to the summit last time.

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