Sikanda Kickstarter Trailer [June 2018] A Kickstarter interview and game trailer for Sikanda

I was contacted by Project Lead, Game Designer & Programmer Stefan Kohl (who is a really nice guy by the way!) to help create an updated trailer for their new action-adventure RPG game, Sikanda. It was a brand new IP and project direction for them, but they had been working on developing the game for some time before contacting me, and it was about time for them to start looking at methods to start generating interest and support for their game so they could continue developing it to the level that they had in mind.

One of our goals was to get the game featured on the Square Enix Collective to try get more eyes on the project and see what support there was out there for the game they had in mind. It was a success, and we managed to get the game approved, however, Kickstarter was the next big goal.

Stefan recorded a general purpose FAQ & project outline interview to add on to the end of the initial trailer which would give Kickstarter backers more of an idea of what the project was about, the goals of Stefan and his team, and the vision that they had for the game. It was clear that the passion Stefan had for this project was to be one of the main driving factors for the interview section of the trailer. When it comes down to creating an effective kickstarter trailer, we learned that short and sweet works best. While interviews are great, we had to cut out a vast majority of what was talked about in order to condense the video down to the 3 minute mark. The video served to add initial interest to new kickstarters as well as give the already fans something more to see about the games progress and development stages.

The trailer itself was a big focus as well; we were limited by typical early development issues such as WIP art (which is always being updated), graphics and SFX (which could be placeholder), as well as missing content and the fleshing out of world areas. We were making a trailer for an RPG game with a rich storyline and a vivid world, so we had to find creative ways to present the end goals of the game, while using what we had available to us during development. When working with early development games, it is always key to consider the end goal of the project. Does what you're showing reflect how you want it to appear when you release the game? If not- is it that important, and what else should you show instead, without missing key aspects of the game? Setting up bullet points of what your game is about is a fantastic way to start blocking out a trailer. Equally, what might be important for you to do and work on during development, might not be important to show in a trailer, so you need to balance up what your initial audience might be expecting, and see if this aligns with your road map and goals for development.

One of the benefits to working with a small team like Dyadic games, was all of their team members were incredibly enthusiastic about creating bespoke assets for the trailer and kickstarter project. We had some custom art scenes generated for specific sections of the trailer, as well as Robin Wade creating an adaptation of the soundtrack for the trailer, which would evolve and tell the story throughout the video. You can really help bring up the production value of a trailer by incorporating game assets, bespoke animations and visuals, and key sound effects and musical sequences into the trailer. It all adds to the longevity of the game's story and brand, while also giving your audience a much more honest sense of what they are contributing to.

You can find the website for Sikanda here

Visit Sikanda's Kickstarter project

Check out Dyadic Games (Thank you to the team for involving me in their project)

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