Splitgate Arena Warfare Alpha 1.0 Trailer [January 2019] A promotional game trailer for Splitgate Arena Warfare by 1047 Games

Ian Proulx, one of the founders at 1047 Games contacted me about working with his team to promote the biggest update their game has pushed to date. The patch comes at a time where they have put significant time and resources into the production of their game. From reworking all of the maps to reworking the sound and the new animation systems. It was a huge change, and the game had pretty much had a significant face lift. Our goal was to inform people of the update, and for the trailer to act alongside other promotional assets to show off the game as it is.

The trailer was more of a promotional video. It wasn't as story driven as it was more feature focused; since it was an update trailer. We opted to highlight the Halo inspired arena shooter's core gameplay mechanics and unique aspects through the use of portals and quick paced combat throughout the edit. Fast cuts, dynamic camera movement and cutting between cinematic shots of the combat unfolding in an esports style point of view, and high octane FPS shooting and trick shots.

Recording footage for a competitive FPS is very difficult if your recording lackluster footage. Ian has some serious skills when it comes to both making and playing games, and we used his FPS skills to make sure we were recording solid game play which didn't look amateur. The edit was frag movie inspired with the shots and music that we used. This was an important decision which leads to making sure the video is attractive to those who play the FPS genre. It would look very odd using a shaky aim and clunky movement, especially since both are so important to the games playstyle. Recording good FPS footage here was as important, making sure we were keeping the key demographic in mind.

Making a feature focused trailer which also acts sort of like a game play trailer was a very important choice ahead of the game moving into the next stage of development. Such a competitive multiplayer game would require a bit of a magical touch when it comes to content patches and updates. You don't want to drive the core playerbase away from your game as you're pushing updates to improve and change the game, but you also want to make sure you're looking for new opportunities to develop the game further. It's a bit of a tightrope sometimes, particularly with skill based shooters; to make changes that everyone would agree with. Keeping your audience informed of both balancing and core game changes, is just as important as new content. These update videos would act to get players excited for the new changes to come for the game, and to open up a discussion between the development team and their audience to gauge how people feel about their progress.

You can find the website for Splitgate Arena Warfare, and visit their Discord if you want to keep up to date with the game's development. You can also view the trailer live on their channel and join in on the discussion!

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