Splitgate Arena Warfare Map Trailers [Spring 2019]
Promotional game trailer videos for Splitgate Arena Warfare
Role: Recording, Director, Video Production, Editing
Tags: Game, FPS, esports, Teaser, Trailer, Promo, Video


Creating a unified group of assets to help draw attention to the wishlist on steam callout while also showing off the new map and player cosmetic content patches coming out leading up towards launch.


I used the in-game spectator mode to build cinematic profiles of the maps. When recording and editing, I made sure to to consider the competitive esports scene as well as the casual playerbase. The pacing also juxtaposed the fast based arena shooter style. The use of slow motion adds anticipation of the map soon to be filled with players. Showing off flanking spots, portal positioning and angles between key points of each map that told a story of how they might be played. I also showed off some capture the flag, environmental hazards and weapon spawn locations, which helps build up a bit of a talking point for how the map can be played. Using some portal and game-physics to show off momentum based player movement is also a key point for some of the maps. For instance, in Outpost, you can fly through the middle of the map using the side flanks with a portal. I used different angles and compositions that lended themselves well to the maps design style. Close and claustrophobic for some, sprawling, wide and open arenas for others. Using the maps aesthetics and back story to help drive the overall pacing of the edit and soundtrack (Licensed through Artlist) was also a big consideration.

The arrows here on the map Helix really helped frame the player and guide the eye that allowed for some interesting angles that tracked the player moving through the different parts of the map.

We also switched up the player models and guns between maps. The player models closely resembled that of the maps design, which kept everything feeling like it was part of a world.


When shooting complex scenes with fast action and wide cinematic shots, try using compositional elements to draw the eye and help the viewers between scenes. Show off new content that your audience can get excited about leading up towards launch of a project. Use these to draw people towards an action, whether that's signing up for more details, pre-ordering or wishlisting a product on a gaming platform.

Thinking about the narrative of your project when sharing anything can really help bring everything together, and it makes sure whether it's media or text, the audience is getting fully immersed in what you're talking about.

You can find the website for Splitgate Arena Warfare, and visit their Discord if you want to keep up to date with the game's development. You can also view the maps live on their channel and join in on the discussion!

If you would like to work with me on your own game trailer, please contact me at info@hiadammarshall.com

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