Tango Fiesta A launch trailer for Spilt Milk Studio

The Tango Fiesta story is very interesting. It started off in Rezzed, a games convention which was hosted at the NEC centre in Birmingham. I didn't meet the guys behind the project until about a year later, the company I worked for were looking to publish their game. It was one of the first gaming projects that i got to see from the very beginning and humble roots all the way through to announce and release. I worked on almost every trailer for the guys and with that, we ended up getting really good at getting the games core attraction across.

It was a fairly big project, with voice overs, digital and stock footage, custom artwork, directed scripts and handmade soundtracks. Even some of the gameplay was recorded specifically for the idea of a trailer. Andrew Smith, the man behind Spilt Milk Studio, spent some time working on the different scripts we'd be using. Essentially, we were looking at driving home the 80's theme; lots of explosions, gratuitous edits and transitions and over the top action and gameplay features. It was a lot of fun to look into ways of presenting this sort of action in the trailer. The art assets for this trailer game courtesy of Ewan, who did the art for the game, and having access to all his layered artwork allowed us to super impose images of the characters and animate them in the splash screens. Anything went with this trailer, and we ended up having quite a few different ideas going and edits. We looked at several 80's movie trailers during the production of this, but with the side note that this was for a game and not a movie. We took a little from each trailer, and you can see this too in the games design and character style.

Ed did an awesome job with the voice overs, and Gavin too with the mixing of the game's original soundtrack and the voice over. It truly was a brilliant homage to the 80's. If you would like to work with me on your own game trailer, please contact me at info@hiadammarshall.com