Unbox: Newbie's Adventure Launch Trailer A launch trailer for Merge Games and Prospect Games

Part of making a good trailer for a game is understanding exactly what it is that you need to include in the short time you have while someone is watching. A good trailer has a very specific purpose, and it has to be all on point too. You have a very short time to engage with your audience and sell them on what makes your game so special.

The game was to be released on many different platforms, and we wanted it to cover them all, while also being a launch trailer and outlining all the best parts about the game. A tall task for just 1 minute! When working on the trailer for Unbox, I took some time to discuss what they liked about their other trailers that they made for the game. We also look at other areas that we could improve upon. It's really great to reflect on these points, because it helps define exactly what you can do to get the most out of marketing your game. Understanding your audience and your game to a very refined level gives us a lot to go on when planning a trailer. After spending some time playing the game, it was clear that we had to be very specific about the sort of clips we wanted to show in the game if we wanted to show it all. Unbox is a fantastic game, with a huge amount of features, excellent game play and an astounding amount of detail put into not only the environment, but to the characters and the story too. You wouldn't think it, considering they are all just boxes!

These are some of the points that we took to considering when developing the storyboard. We selected footage and clips, as well as wrote a script which excellently outlines the features of the game, how it feels playing the game, and also reflects a bit of the games charm in character, story and style. You absolutely can fit so much into a 1 minute long trailer. Short and sweet is how I'd put it. It's worth taking the time to make sure every clip and every scene sells the game the light that best reflects it.

It was a real pleasure working on this project with Andrew, Merge and Prospect. Their passion reflects very well in not only their work, but their ethic too. Being a great client leads to great work.

Andrew had this to say about working with me on the trailer.

"Creative, responsive and adaptive is how I'd describe Adam's work ethic. We collaborated with Adam to produce a launch trailer for "Unbox: Newbie's Adventure" and it's easily the best piece of advertising for the game to date. Rather than just ask for footage from us to throw into a template, Adam extensively played our title to get an understanding of it's core gameplay and best features. From there he generated a script and storyboard which we proceeded to adapt as the trailer took form. With regular updates, experimentation and conversations, Adam completed our trailer on schedule and to a level of quality that will drive UNA forwards. In games, marketing is 50% of the battle. As a developer you can try pull it off yourself, or you can let Adam do the job right."

You can find Andrew on Twitter here.

If you would like to work with me on your own game trailer, please contact me at info@hiadammarshall.com